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Triathlon Herderen is the classic opener for the triathlon season in Belgium. With a swim section in the swimming pool in Bilzen and later that day a selective cycling and running section in Herderen,..

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The classic among the Adventure races: The TriNatura - Grand Raid Nisramont. On Sunday, March 28 2021, sporty duos will take a unique and spectacular course with the kayak, mountain bike and running s..

This is the 'Holy Grail' of endurance athletes and the toughest endurance challenge in Belgium!..

A triathlon that is known for its fast course. The speed is exceptionally high thanks to an almost flat bike course with long straight sections where the speed devils can fully develop their qualities..

The toughest Belgian off-road triathlon and duathlon in the beautiful nature of the Ardennes!..

The TriNatura - Nisraman in La Roche is one of the most beautiful triathlons of Belgium in a pure nature! The second half looks like Xterra and is completely offroad...

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