Vélomédiane Claudy Criquiélion

From 16.00€
Registration possible until 23-08-2020


Cyclosportive 163km 

Randosportive 92km

The VELOMEDIANE is a sportive cycle ride for cyclists who are 18 and more.

It is sponsored by Claude CRIQUIELION and benefits from the support of the city of La Roche-en-Ardenne, the Tourist federation of the province of Luxembourg, the FCWB Fédération Cycliste Wallonie Bruxelles and U.C.I.

 The run is 163 kilometers long with a difference in level of 3.333 meters and follows the roads of the superb region of the Ourthe and Aisne in the Belgian Ardenne.

Within the Vélomédiane Claude Criquielion, Ardenne Bikes organizes the “Petite Crique”, an arrowed tourist and sport hiking, without classification. Distance of 92 km and difference in level of 1.640m.

Grouped departure in the town centre on 9.10 AM, after Vélomédiane’s departure.

All information (medical certificate or declaration on honour to be printed) about the event can be viewed on the official event website: