Every organizer who uses the registration module 'Larssie' agrees with the following terms and conditions.

Last update: 20/08/2019

1. Languages - Larssie is NOT responsible for the translation of the options and of all info tabs of an event and is not responsible for any errors.

2. Cost Options and Entry Fee - Larssie is NOT responsible for any mistakes made by the organizer, which result in the charging of an incorrect entry fee. (e.g. incorrect date, early bird rate, or incorrect cost price of a T-shirt).

3. List of participants - The organizer is responsible for downloading the list of participants (excel) and delivering it to the time registration company, as well as for adding / publishing the results (link).

4. Ticketing / Contact – All questions are centralized in a ticketing system as part of Larssie. All questions are only received by the organizer and are NOT handled by Larssie by default. The organizer is responsible for answering and handling these questions in the backend of Larssie. Technical questions can be referred to your Larssie account manager at the push of a button, who in turn handles this ticket within 24 hours.

If the organizer has its own site, we recommend that all contact is done through the Larssie ticket system. This can be done by a small message on your own site with explanation and a button to the personal contact page of that event on Larssie. This service is always free.

5. SMS – The organizer can easily send text messages to the participants via the backend. This is usually done with the mention of the start and / or chest number. Also the ideal way to reach last minute ALL participants with important changes/changes.  Available from 2020. The GSM number of participants may NOT be passed on to others and may only be used 5 days before and 5 days after an event. Any violation of this may result in an immediate termination of the contract.

6. Mailing function - The organizer can use it to send mailings and briefings to its registered users (participants) via the SMPT servers of de Larssie. Free with normal consumption (number of participants x 5 per year) or cost 0.01 euro / mail. Available from November 2019.

7. Cancellation conditions -  The organizer may use, determine and modify his own cancellation conditions without any obligation. The organizer himself adapts his conditions in ALL available languages AND the figures and periods in the backend of Larssie for a correct calculation.  

8. Affiliate program - The organizer can activate this option per event. Upon activation, the organizer agrees that for each successful referral, 5% of the registration amount will be debited to his monthly statement. This option can be activated or deactivated per event at any time.

9. Images - The organizer uses the following image formats as event header : 612x612 and 1170x612. These images should NOT contain any text. Only 1 small logo in the corner is allowed  (max 200x200 pixels) 

10. Discount codes - The organiser is responsible for his own discount codes. The codes can only be used on his own races.

11. Facebook event - The organizer is required to link a Facebook to his event when publishing the event on Larssie.

12. Own General Terms and Conditions - The organizer is obliged to fill in his own general terms and conditions. These can be different per event or 1 general for all events.