General terms and conditions Sahara City Run

  1. The participation is only valid after payment of the registration fee to Sportzilla (Larssie).
  2. If the event cannot take place due to exceptional circumstances (mainly extreme weather conditions or circumstances where the safety of the participants cannot be guaranteed), the participant will not be able to claim a refund of the registration fee. The organizer cannot be forced to refund the entry fee.
  3. Participation requires good health. The participant declares to comply with this condition. The organization recommends a preventive sports medical examination by a recognized sports physician before participation. The organizer cannot be held responsible in case of medical problems of the participant.
  4. Insurance for personal injury is by default not included in the registration fee for our participants. If this is included, it will be clearly stated on the site.
  5. Each participant has to wear a starting number visible on his/her chest or back.
  6. The organization is not responsible for damage, loss and/or theft of personal objects of the participant before, during and after the competitions.
  7. The participants accept the uniqueness of the Sahara City Run and will, despite the presence of stewards, always take into account the possible presence of walkers or car traffic. The participants obey to the recommendations provided by the organisation and the general road code applies at all times.
  8. The organization reserves the right to change the route for reasons of safety or accessibility.
  9. All contact information about the participants is intended for the organizer and will only be used with the intend of a next participation. By participating in the event, you agree to the possible use of your photo in print, film, video, etc. for promotional purposes by the organizer, without claiming any compensation.
  10. The Sahara City Run is an organization of VZW Lommel Rockt

General cancellation conditions

  1. You can cancel your registration YOURSELF as long as the registrations are open online via This is will be until 1 week before the event. Cancellation is done through your Larssie Account. We only refund the registration fee when submitting or uploading a medical certificate that you are unable to start our course.
  2. You can change data and/or options yourself via your Larssie account: If your new information results in a lower cost, your account will be credited and you can use that amount for your next registration. If your new details lead to a higher registration fee, you will still have to pay that amount to complete the change. If you wish to cancel, your account will be credited according to our cancellation policy. You can then spend this amount later on another registration. You can only make these changes via your account as long as the online registrations are open. If you want to change afterwards, you have to arrange this via the competition secretariat at the event.
  3. When you purchase an ACTI+ extra cancellation insurance (if available as an option at the time of your registration), the above conditions no longer apply and the conditions of the ACTI+ insurance apply. 

    You cancel  before the online registrations are closed via Larssie : Your account will be 100% credited*
    You cancel  after the online registrations via Larssie are closed up to 48 hours before  the event : Your account will be credited 75%*
    You cancel   < 48 hours before the event : This is not possible and you will not receive any credits.

    * If you are unable to upload a valid doctor's certificate within the set deadlines, your ACTI+ insurance will be cancelled and the organiser's normal cancellation conditions will apply.